Cityscape Shoes (Commercial)

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Only the default Texture is included in the Gumroad Package. Due to how many designs we have Gumroad doesn't like the size of the file for all of the HD textures, maps ect.. so for additional textures they are going to be housed here: I know it's a little bit more awkward and I wish I could include them in the package but it also gives people the chance to show off their designs and share them to others.

Made in Blender by myself and Substance Painter

4k Textures, Normal, Metallic, Roughness and Height maps

12,492 polys [Both Shoes]

Not Rigged

There is two versions, a version that is as shown, and a version that has been fitted to easily apply to avatars.

Keep up to date in the server:


This is a texture collaboration with Whituu, a massive thanks to her. Find her work here:

Whituu's Gumroad


Do not resell or redistribute asset (commissioning for edits are fine as long as each party owns it). If you need more information on copyright please visit, for more information.

- For your commercial license, you have to fill the Discord Field correctly on checkout.

- Commercial license is valid for completed models only.

Please credit my Gumroad or my Discord when used on other models for sale.

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FBX, 4K Textures


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Cityscape Shoes (Commercial)

3 ratings
I want this!